Who We Are

The ANGLICAN CHURCH IN AMERICA (ACA) is among the largest of several "Continuing Churches" which emerged from the AFFIRMATION OF ST. LOUIS and the 1977 gathering of faithful Anglicans which produced that document.

The current President of the House of Bishops of the ACA is The Most Rev. Brian R. Marsh , Presiding Bishop, and The Rt Rev. Stephen D. Strawn is the Vice President of the House of Bishops.

The ACA is part of the TRADITIONAL ANGLICAN COMMUNION (TAC), a worldwide body of some half million members on six continents. The Most Rev Samuel Prakash is the Acting Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion.

The Episcopal Church USA (TEC) is not a member of TAC but of the Canterbury Communion lead by The Most Rev. Rowan Williams.

The Traditional Anglican Communion, of which we are members, is orthodox and solidly traditional in its teaching and practice, while the Canterbury-based Communion emphasizes "inclusiveness" and embraces a wide range of belief, practice, and moral teaching. The TAC shares a common ancestry, including Apostolic Succession, with Canterbury, but there is no direct hierarchical or organizational connection between us. As stated in the Affirmation of St Louis, however, we remain in communion with "all faithful parts of the Anglican Communion."

PLEASE NOTE the "IN" in our name. There is no connection whatsoever between us and a body calling itself "The Anglican Church OF America" (TACA), which espouses doctrinal positions and moral views we do not share.


Last update: August 15, 2012